Means To Wealth

...Creating Wealth and Impacting Lives....



🎯 What is the name of the company?


🎯 When was the company founded?

Answer - 2017

🎯 What are your products?


🎯 Do you have an office in Nigeria ?

Answer - YES, at Tollgate between OGUN & LAGOS

🎯 Is the company registered with *CAC* and has an active website ?


🎯 Are you sure this company won't fold up like others?

Answer - Very sure cause as long as we live we will always need these services

🎯 How do i join your company?

Answer - Contact the person who told you about the company and signup or call the office line on the website.

🎯 Must i refer before i start making money?

Answer - You can make money by referrals or join the team work

🎯 Getting people is hard, how do i go about it?

Answer - Not anymore in these days that we have social media platforms

🎯 Why should i target leaders to join me ?

Answer - They have influence on people already

🎯 You said referring people is very good, how pls ?

Answer - The mouth watering compensation plan for referral and other bonus is for only those who refer others

🎯 How many people am i expected to directly refer ?

Answer - At least 2

🎯 Can i refer more than 2 people directly ?

Answer - Sure you can,as many as you can

🎯 Does spillovers help my downlines ?

Answer - Yes it does

🎯 How else can i help my downlines ?

Answer - You can choose to use their usernames to signup people.

🎯 The money in my ewallet how do i get it as cash to spend ?

Answer - You can transfer to your bank account, or sell to others who need wallet.

🎯 What are the other benefit of joining ?

Answer - Incentives such as cars, land, books, developing yourself intellectually, household items, local and international trips, access to loans.

🎯 How do i register people ?

Answer - simple login to your account, have the ewallet in your account, fill in the required details and click the register tab on your registration page.

🎯 Can I make matrix bonus and commissions every month?

Answer - YES YOU CAN....just be passionate about your business.

🎯 Do i get bonus for my indirect sign ups?

Answer - Yes you do.

🎯 Can people outside Nigeria join M2W?

Answer - YES, this is a global business and the market is very big and untapped.

🎯 When i register with 10k/30k/70k and am given 2k/6k/15k as my registration bonus where will 8k/24k/45k go to?

Answer - To set up your online office,pay your uplines, used for logistics to render services and part to company to sustain the company

🎯 How does having more direct referrals help me in M2W ?

Answer - It increases your chances of having active downlines,helps you earn more referral bonuses,Commission and incentive.